A Glimpse into the Future

Tech Conferences: A Glimpse into the Future

I’ve been working for 20 years in the IT and telecommunications industry and have never seen change at such a fast pace as it is now. New ideas appear all the time, and their impact is great. Things that we just started talking about five years ago are widely used nowadays. There’s isn’t a promo code for iStock nor an internet security promo code that can keep up with the fast changes our society is undergoing.

Machine Learning and Security

Today, data security must be at the heart of any project in the field of Internet-connected technology. Every product should be thought based on security, along with analytics data, network analytics, machine learning, and mobility, pillars that underpin the way we approach and understand technology today.

Security has been approached very differently now than ten years ago. I saw a quote, I think, of an FBI director who said there were two kinds of actors: “those who were attacked by hackers and those which I will be attacked by hackers”. I have a different opinion: I think there are two kinds of clients – those who have been attacked by hackers and those who have not yet learned that they have been attacked. What happens in our network, which constantly monitors network statistics, and we see attacks not daily, not hourly, but every second. Today, data security is increasingly embraced and underlies everything we do.

We see a particular concern for cyber security. Security will be an engine for technology businesses, but also an increased concern due to what is happening within the data center.

Hacker defense also has a human component, because the activity of a hacker is not just about technology. What makes a hacker has a technical part and a social part, we call it social engineering. For the technical part there is technology – antimalware, e-mail security solutions for the web, and for the social part we want to educate people, clients, employees. We believe there will still be innovations in technology as well as in how we socially interact with people in order to address these issues.

How The Internet Will Evolve by 2020

Nowadays tech conferences bring together over 5,000 participants, 20 exhibitors and 25 demonstrations prepared by IT experts.

If more than 10,000 devices were connected in 1987, more than 50 billion devices will be connected to the Internet by 2020, according to Cisco estimates. Over 50% of current jobs could be affected by automation, and more than 60% of children who are now beginning primary schools will have jobs that do not exist today. Work will no longer run from a fixed office, fixed schedule, and threats will grow in volume and sophistication.

By 2019, 86% of data will be processed by cloud data centers and only 14% of traditional data centers, so we need a network that provides predictability and control through visibility. Security will become a driving force when it comes to businesses. We can use technology as a pillar for digital development.

The front line includes retail and banks. Digitization will affect diverse industries, and retail and financial industry are at the forefront of this list. We are talking about mobility, cloud and, more recently, about artificial intelligence and the changes that it brings.

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