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Hotwire Coupons & 4 Tech Conferences Every IT Professional Should Attend.

4 Conferences? That’s a lot! Yes it is. But these tech conferences are absolutely essential to staying on top of the ever-changing technology landscape. Most tech conferences do offer some kind of sale price, for example a 15% off Hotwire coupon when you book with Hotwire.com for accommodations for conference attendees, so the costs aren’t as astronomical as you might first assume. Every profession has its own conference or show that is a must for attendance, and the IT sector is no different. After all, all techies want to get to know what the latest trends and gadgets are. Therefore, without further ado, let’s start on the 4 tech conferences every IT professional MUST attend. Consumer Electronic Show If you’re at least a little bit interested in tech, let alone a professional, then you have heard about CES. CES is an annual tech conference held in January, in Las Vegas, Nevada, in the United States and it’s the biggest and well knows conference in the tech world and you can find all the latest and usually most expensive gizmos there. When you enter the doors of the show, you’re struck by all kinds of tech and gadgets, from watches and…