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Use Smacircle and a Discount Code to Save While Attending Conferences

Obviously nobody attended a lot of conferences in 2020, and we’re probably not going to have a ton in 2021 either. But with the vaccine rolling out things will eventually start to get back to normal and we will be at conferences again. If you’ve attended a lot of them, you may have had to deal with the issues of getting around, as well as staying on budget before. I have two suggestions for you today: use Smacircle and a discount code wherever possible to help tackle these issues. Use a Discount Code Wherever Possible When you are travelling you actually have a great opportunity to use a discount code on many services and save quite a lot of money. You can save on flights, hotels, car rentals, shuttle services, food at local restaurants, train tickets, etc. It definitely extends to things you may need to purchase prior to the conference as well such as a new laptop, new luggage, new suits or shoes, and anything else you might need to bring with you. Just because you can write it off as a business expense doesn’t mean you shouldn’t look for the best deal possible. Especially when you are shopping…
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Hands Free Apps for Android and Promo Codes

If you are flying into the conference from out of town, you may want to rent a car to get around in the evenings to take in some local sights and restaurants. If you’re driving and you don’t have bluetooth, a hands free app is a great way to stay connected for GPS and taking calls without taking your hands off the wheel. In some states, being on a phone at all while driving, even hands free, is subject to a fine so make sure you know the rules before you go! Save on your trip with Coupon Codes There are enough expenses associated with travelling and attending a conference, wouldn’t it be nice to save a little money? Well we found some excellent discount codes from CouponPuppy that will do just that! You can use the savings for some extra conference swag or some drinks at the hotel bar with new friends! And remember if you need a good pair of headphones (NOT for use while you are driving, obviously!) you can get great quality ones for 200 bucks or less. 6 Free Android Apps for Answering Calls Hands-Free When your hands are dirty or wet, for example,…