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What is Good PR? Giving Out GoDaddy Coupons For Free!

Good PR can make or break a business, but what is good PR? PR stands for public relations – your relationship with the public – including media, customers, and potential customers.

Free Things = Great Publicity

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What does good PR look like from a consumer perspective?
• News articles about good things you are doing in the community.
• Shout-outs from bloggers, links from other websites, and social media posts.
• Satisfied customers, positive reviews, and quick response times.
Fair resolution of customer concerns.

How do you achieve good PR?

• Choose a community outreach project or charity and commit to it. Provide funding, personnel, space, or advertising for the cause – whatever fits your skills, budget, and business niche. Support this cause because you believe in it, not just because you think it will look good. Expect nothing in return and do not use it as an advertising scheme. Keep a humble profile. Your sincerity will be noticed, and word about your business will spread.
• Social media and blogs are staples of society nowadays. If you run your business with integrity, by doing what you say you’ll do and conducting business honestly and fairly, eventually your name will find its way into blog posts and social media updates. This word-of-mouth type of internet presence is more desirable than advertising.
• Have an online presence so that you are accessible to the public. Allow customers to post on a social media page or to your website. Let them rate you or your products. Be accessible by both email and telephone. There are still customers who want to talk to a live person and who are frustrated when they only have online contact information. However, there are also customers who are trying to do their business late into the evening. These people want to be able to send you an email at midnight so you can get back to them first thing tomorrow. Respond to customer contacts promptly. In an age of instant information, same-day or next-day responses are almost a requirement.
• In your dealings with customers, show concern for their needs, always be polite, and be honest. If you have not met their needs, express sincere regret and give an honest estimate of updated expectations. Do what you can to make mistakes right by offering refunds or free products or services.

Good public relations are best achieved through genuine means. You can do things in order to solicit positive reactions, but it is better to do things because you genuinely want to do them. Positive reactions will follow your sincere efforts and integrity.