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What is Good PR? Giving Out GoDaddy Coupons For Free!

Good PR can make or break a business, but what is good PR? PR stands for public relations – your relationship with the public – including media, customers, and potential customers. Free Things = Great Publicity For example, one great way to attract attention and reward visitors to your company’s website is to give our free promo codes. You can find these 15% mobile codes on one of hundreds of coupon websites, thanks to partnerships between Coupon Journal and big merchants like Hotels.com. Then you include them in posts as a thank you to readers for visiting your site. The readers can then use them to save money on products….and they’ll remember where they got the great deal. Quick Sites For GoDaddy Coupons: http://www.taplynx.com/ What does good PR look like from a consumer perspective? • News articles about good things you are doing in the community. • Shout-outs from bloggers, links from other websites, and social media posts. • Satisfied customers, positive reviews, and quick response times. • Fair resolution of customer concerns. How do you achieve good PR? • Choose a community outreach project or charity and commit to it. Provide funding, personnel, space, or advertising for…