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Hands Free Apps for Android and Promo Codes

If you are flying into the conference from out of town, you may want to rent a car to get around in the evenings to take in some local sights and restaurants. If you’re driving and you don’t have bluetooth, a hands free app is a great way to stay connected for GPS and taking calls without taking your hands off the wheel. In some states, being on a phone at all while driving, even hands free, is subject to a fine so make sure you know the rules before you go!

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You can use the savings for some extra conference swag or some drinks at the hotel bar with new friends! And remember if you need a good pair of headphones (NOT for use while you are driving, obviously!) you can get great quality ones for 200 bucks or less.

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6 Free Android Apps for Answering Calls Hands-Free

When your hands are dirty or wet, for example, and you need to answer a call fast, you would greatly benefit from having a no-touch way of taking calls on your smartphone. You can either leverage your smartphone’s proximity sensor or set a time delay before a call automatically gets accepted. Download any of these apps for free from the Google Play store and enjoy the convenience of hands-free management of incoming calls.

Motion Call (jhs)

This free app works through your smartphone’s built-in proximity sensor. Specify your desired motion sensitivity level. Every time there’s an incoming call, just wave your hand near the phone’s touchscreen in order to answer via speakerphone.

Air Call-Accept free (Necta)

Simple, convenient, and easy to use, this app also uses your smartphone’s proximity sensor to detect whether you are waving your hand over the touchscreen or placing the device close to your ear. Otherwise, you can set the app to answer the call automatically without your having to trigger the proximity sensor. For a hands-free call management, take the call through your Bluetooth-enabled earpiece or speakerphone.

Air Call Receive (Olive Inc.)

Air Call Receive enables you to answer and reject calls without touching your smartphone. Wave your hand over the touchscreen to take the call. If you want to reject it, move your hand slowly. Picking up the phone and moving it close to your ear will signal the app to automatically receive the call. Without touching your phone, you can also open multimedia files through the free Air Call Receive app.

Air Call Answer (App Basic)

Like Air Call Receive, the Air Call Answer app lets you answer calls by simply waving your hand over the touchscreen. What’s special about Air Call Answer is its use of your smartphone’s built-in light sensor to prevent calls from being answered while your mobile device is inside your pocket or bag, for example.

Auto Answer Calls (Hanuman Technologies Private Limited)

This free app enables you to choose contacts to be routed for hands-free answering through your Bluetooth-enabled headset or speakerphone. Activate Auto Answer Calls after installation. Then specify your desired settings such as the time delay before the call gets automatically picked up and the callers you’d like for the app to prioritize.

Auto Answer Call (js3Apps)

Attend to important calls without having to touch your mobile phone. With the free Auto Answer Call app, you can use either a Bluetooth-enabled headset or your device’s built-in speakerphone to take the call. Take advantage of the app’s whitelisting feature for enabling certain callers to be automatically picked up and the timer for specifying when you want the call to be answered.