What is Good PR? Giving Out GoDaddy Coupons For Free!

Good PR can make or break a business, but what is good PR? PR stands for public relations – your relationship with the public – including media, customers, and potential customers.

Free Things = Great Publicity

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What does good PR look like from a consumer perspective?
• News articles about good things you are doing in the community.
• Shout-outs from bloggers, links from other websites, and social media posts.
• Satisfied customers, positive reviews, and quick response times.
Fair resolution of customer concerns.

How do you achieve good PR?

• Choose a community outreach project or charity and commit to it. Provide funding, personnel, space, or advertising for the cause – whatever fits your skills, budget, and business niche. Support this cause because you believe in it, not just because you think it will look good. Expect nothing in return and do not use it as an advertising scheme. Keep a humble profile. Your sincerity will be noticed, and word about your business will spread.
• Social media and blogs are staples of society nowadays. If you run your business with integrity, by doing what you say you’ll do and conducting business honestly and fairly, eventually your name will find its way into blog posts and social media updates. This word-of-mouth type of internet presence is more desirable than advertising.
Have an online presence so that you are accessible to the public. Allow customers to post on a social media page or to your website. Let them rate you or your products. Be accessible by both email and telephone. There are still customers who want to talk to a live person and who are frustrated when they only have online contact information. However, there are also customers who are trying to do their business late into the evening. These people want to be able to send you an email at midnight so you can get back to them first thing tomorrow. Respond to customer contacts promptly. In an age of instant information, same-day or next-day responses are almost a requirement.
• In your dealings with customers, show concern for their needs, always be polite, and be honest. If you have not met their needs, express sincere regret and give an honest estimate of updated expectations. Do what you can to make mistakes right by offering refunds or free products or services.

Good public relations are best achieved through genuine means. You can do things in order to solicit positive reactions, but it is better to do things because you genuinely want to do them. Positive reactions will follow your sincere efforts and integrity.

Using Name Tags at Trade Shows and 40% off HQ images

Trade shows can be a great way for business people and others to meet and discuss what their respective companies have to offer, but those trade shows can get pretty boring and routine after awhile. Keeping the pitch fresh and interesting is one of the most significant challenges facing salespeople today, and those sales professionals are always on the lookout for new and exciting ways to increase interest and reduce boredom.

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You’ll need eye-catching banners and other graphics to attract visitors to your booth in the first place, which can be extremely pricey! You can lower the cost by using coupons for go daddy renewals, and get beautiful vector graphics and stock photography to suit any business. Make your business stand out in the crowd to reel them in, and then your sales team can handle the rest!

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Make Your Next Trade Show Friendlier with Name Tags

Trade shows can be a great way for business people and others to meet and discuss what their respective companies have to offer, but those trade shows can get pretty boring and routine after awhile. Keeping the pitch fresh and interesting is one of the most significant challenges facing salespeople today, and those sales professionals are always on the lookout for new and exciting ways to increase interest and reduce boredom.

From elaborate booth displays to costly giveaways, there are many tried and true ways to enhance interest and gain new prospects, but one of the simplest methods is also one of the least expensive. Simply providing bright and boldly colored name tags to the sales personnel manning the trade show booth can yield remarkable results.

After all, everyone likes to be able to put a name with a face, and name tags help to do just that. Addressing a potential business partner by name will help put everyone at ease, and that will of course make the process of deal making that much easier and less stressful.

Providing name tags to everyone who attends a given trade show can enhance the value of these little tags even more. Having everyone who attends the show wear a brightly colored and easy to read name tag provides the sales force at the show with an easy and fast way to address prospects in a proper manner. Everyone likes to be addressed by their name, and those name tags make it easier for the salespeople to register and remember the names of their new potential customers. Names can be a significant challenge for even the most seasoned sales professional, especially in a high volume setting like a trade show. Name tags make it easier for those on both sides of the sales booth to interact with one another on a professional level.

Luckily for those in the industry there are plenty of vendors who are able to supply high quality name tags for the trade show market. These vendors are a great place to find the name tags that will help any business grow.

Hands Free Apps for Android and Car Rental Promo Codes

If you are flying into the conference from out of town, you may want to rent a car to get around in the evenings to take in some local sights and restaurants. If you’re driving and you don’t have bluetooth, a hands free app is a great way to stay connected for GPS and taking calls without taking your hands off the wheel. In some states, being on a phone at all while driving, even hands free, is subject to a fine so make sure you know the rules before you go!

Save on your trip with Car Rental Promo Codes

There are enough expenses associated with travelling and attending a conference, wouldn’t it be nice to save a little money? Well we found some excellent car rental promo codes that will do just that! You can use the savings for some extra conference swag or some drinks at the hotel bar with new friends! And remember if you need a good pair of headphones (NOT for use while you are driving, obviously!) you can get great quality ones for 200 bucks or less.

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6 Free Android Apps for Answering Calls Hands-Free

When your hands are dirty or wet, for example, and you need to answer a call fast, you would greatly benefit from having a no-touch way of taking calls on your smartphone. You can either leverage your smartphone’s proximity sensor or set a time delay before a call automatically gets accepted. Download any of these apps for free from the Google Play store and enjoy the convenience of hands-free management of incoming calls.

Motion Call (jhs)

This free app works through your smartphone’s built-in proximity sensor. Specify your desired motion sensitivity level. Every time there’s an incoming call, just wave your hand near the phone’s touchscreen in order to answer via speakerphone.

Air Call-Accept free (Necta)

Simple, convenient, and easy to use, this app also uses your smartphone’s proximity sensor to detect whether you are waving your hand over the touchscreen or placing the device close to your ear. Otherwise, you can set the app to answer the call automatically without your having to trigger the proximity sensor. For a hands-free call management, take the call through your Bluetooth-enabled earpiece or speakerphone.

Air Call Receive (Olive Inc.)

Air Call Receive enables you to answer and reject calls without touching your smartphone. Wave your hand over the touchscreen to take the call. If you want to reject it, move your hand slowly. Picking up the phone and moving it close to your ear will signal the app to automatically receive the call. Without touching your phone, you can also open multimedia files through the free Air Call Receive app.

Air Call Answer (App Basic)

Like Air Call Receive, the Air Call Answer app lets you answer calls by simply waving your hand over the touchscreen. What’s special about Air Call Answer is its use of your smartphone’s built-in light sensor to prevent calls from being answered while your mobile device is inside your pocket or bag, for example.

Auto Answer Calls (Hanuman Technologies Private Limited)

This free app enables you to choose contacts to be routed for hands-free answering through your Bluetooth-enabled headset or speakerphone. Activate Auto Answer Calls after installation. Then specify your desired settings such as the time delay before the call gets automatically picked up and the callers you’d like for the app to prioritize.

Auto Answer Call (js3Apps)

Attend to important calls without having to touch your mobile phone. With the free Auto Answer Call app, you can use either a Bluetooth-enabled headset or your device’s built-in speakerphone to take the call. Take advantage of the app’s whitelisting feature for enabling certain callers to be automatically picked up and the timer for specifying when you want the call to be answered.

4 Tech Conferences Every IT Professional Should Attend

4 Conferences? That’s a lot! Yes it is. But these tech conferences are absolutely essential to staying on top of the ever-changing technology landscape. Most tech conferences do offer some kind of sale price, for example a 15% off when you book with Priceline.com,  for accommodations to regular visitors, so the costs aren’t as astronomical as you might first assume.

Every profession has it’s own conference or show that is a must for attendance, and the IT sector is no different. After all, all techies want to get to know what the latest trends and gadgets are. Therefore, without further ado, let’s start on the 4 tech conferences every IT professional MUST attend.

Consumer Electronic Show

If you’re at least a little bit interested in tech, let alone a professional, then you have heard about CES. CES is an annual tech conference held in January, in Las Vegas, Nevada, in the United States and it’s the biggest and well knows conference in the tech world and you can find all the latest and usually most expensive gizmos there. When you enter the doors of the show, you’re struck by all kinds of tech and gadgets, from watches and phones, to PC’s and car audio. CES brings out all the big names and it sure has a lot to offer. There’s a little bit of everything and for everyone.  Here is a look at the 2017 Consumer Electronics Show.

Cisco Summit

Another top tech conference to attend is Cisco Live Summit, hosted by Cisco, the largest and most knows network management company. Held in June, in Las Vegas, the main focus of the conference is obviously on Cisco, but never the less, it’s still worth visiting, because of the various topics that include, but are not limited to IOT, networking, cloud hosting, which has come a long way, as well as security and many other topics that are brought up by the industries professionals.


For all those Linux and Linux distro lovers out there, the open source OS founders have a conference called LinuxCon, that’s held in Los Angeles, California in August, so you still have time to go, if there are any tickets left. Unlike other major conferences, keeping in mind that Linux OS isn’t that popular, because of it’s somewhat complex environment for the average user, it still packs a punch and is a good place to visit. There is even a section for the developers, called ContainerCon. Rest assured, as Linux starts to become more popular, even Microsoft is using it, the conference will grow as well.

IBM Edge

Last, but not less worthy, is IBM Edge. The place and date is not yet determined, but keeping in mind the IT capitals of the United States, it’ll be either in Los Angeles or Las Vegas. Edge is just one of many conferences held by IBM, who, even though isn’t making consumer PC’s, is still very active in the IT sector. The conference is centered around IBM’s products, like storage, mainframes, as well as the popular cloud servers.

All in all, I’d say that if you’re serious in the IT sector, these are the top conferences to attend and you won’t regret going to them. In fact, you’ll probably go next year as well .

Tech Conferences: A Glimpse into the Future

I’ve been working for 20 years in the IT and telecommunications industry and have never seen change at such a fast pace as it is now. New ideas appear all the time, and their impact is great. Things that we just started talking about five years ago are widely used nowadays. There’s isn’t a promo code for iStock nor an internet security promo code that can keep up with the fast changes our society is undergoing.

Machine Learning and Security

Today, data security must be at the heart of any project in the field of Internet-connected technology. Every product should be thought based on security, along with analytics data, network analytics, machine learning, and mobility, pillars that underpin the way we approach and understand technology today.

Security has been approached very differently now than ten years ago. I saw a quote, I think, of an FBI director who said there were two kinds of actors: “those who were attacked by hackers and those which I will be attacked by hackers”. I have a different opinion: I think there are two kinds of clients – those who have been attacked by hackers and those who have not yet learned that they have been attacked. What happens in our network, which constantly monitors network statistics, and we see attacks not daily, not hourly, but every second. Today, data security is increasingly embraced and underlies everything we do.

We see a particular concern for cyber security. Security will be an engine for technology businesses, but also an increased concern due to what is happening within the data center.

Hacker defense also has a human component, because the activity of a hacker is not just about technology. What makes a hacker has a technical part and a social part, we call it social engineering. For the technical part there is technology – antimalware, e-mail security solutions for the web, and for the social part we want to educate people, clients, employees. We believe there will still be innovations in technology as well as in how we socially interact with people in order to address these issues.

How The Internet Will Evolve by 2020

Nowadays tech conferences bring together over 5,000 participants, 20 exhibitors and 25 demonstrations prepared by IT experts.

If more than 10,000 devices were connected in 1987, more than 50 billion devices will be connected to the Internet by 2020, according to Cisco estimates. Over 50% of current jobs could be affected by automation, and more than 60% of children who are now beginning primary schools will have jobs that do not exist today. Work will no longer run from a fixed office, fixed schedule, and threats will grow in volume and sophistication.

By 2019, 86% of data will be processed by cloud data centers and only 14% of traditional data centers, so we need a network that provides predictability and control through visibility. Security will become a driving force when it comes to businesses. We can use technology as a pillar for digital development.

The front line includes retail and banks. Digitization will affect diverse industries, and retail and financial industry are at the forefront of this list. We are talking about mobility, cloud and, more recently, about artificial intelligence and the changes that it brings.

If your company is planning on attending a trade show to display your products or services and you will have a video presentation, consider offering headphones for potential clients to use. Trade show floors can be very noisy, and you don’t want your message to get lost in the background. It doesn’t have to be the biggest line item on your budget either, this is a guide to the top earphones that are both noise-cancelling and inexpensive.